Why Farmers Markets Are a Great Place To Shop

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If you have a farmers market near your home, then you may already know the benefits of shopping at one. If you have never ventured out to see what the hubbub is all about, I am happy to give you the inside scoop!

There are many reasons why shopping at a farmers market is a great idea.

Support Local Farms

One of the best reasons to be a patron at a farmers market is that you are helping support the farmers that are local to your hometown. Your purchases help local farms stay in business and farmers to support their families. With larger produce distributors from other states and sometimes out of the country filling your local grocery stores' produce sections, local farmers can find it hard to compete. Local farms are disappearing, so actions to maintain their longevity are worthwhile and incredibly valuable to the community. 

Support Other Small Businesses

Farmers markets are also full of local businesses and craftsmen that are selling their products and wares. Featuring homemade jellies, bread, baked goods, soaps, local coffee, and even crafts - each market can be a new adventure. Unlike the big box store with the same layout, each farmers market can be unique and inviting. You can often find one-of-a-kind items for gift giving or special occasions here as well. Some markets hold special events, live music, and sometimes local shelters use this venue to showcase adoptable pets as well.

Fresh Food

Another great reason to support your local farmers market is that you know exactly where the food you are purchasing is coming from. Oftentimes, at each booth, you are talking to the person who picked it! Farm fresh food doesn't have all the preservatives, or heavy processing before it gets to you, and with no long travel times on a truck or ship. The fruits and vegetables are fresher than fresh, in season, and ready to eat. If you don't recognize something at the farmstand - the farmer can let you know all about it, and sometimes even how to prepare it!

Better For The Environment

Farmers markets generally have limited packaging, and many people who shop there bring their own bags for their goods. Cutting out the middleman and unnecessary packaging also eliminates the need to spread that cost onto you, the consumer. Getting fresh food at a great price with less waste to end up in a landfill is a win-win for everyone involved.

Get to Know Your Community

Shopping at the farmers market can be a fun, entertaining experience. Getting to know people and businesses in your area or neighboring areas is what building community is all about. Walking around and conversing with your community neighbors is a fun way to spend some time outdoors.

With summer officially upon us, most farmers markets are in full swing. Stop by to partake in the local harvest, and enjoy the fresh air and sense of community!

Local Farmers Markets

Want to be close to all the action, and have your local farmers market be your neighborhood grocery stop? Connect with me so that I can find you a home close to your favorite outdoor market!

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