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Ways to Celebrate Mom for Mother's Day 2023

Mother's Day Brunches in Suwanee, and More!

"A Mom Loves You First, and Then Forever" - Katherine Stano

With Mother’s Day in just a few days, you may be thinking of some special way to honor the special mom in your life. Simple or elaborate, there are no right or wrong ways to celebrate.   In fact, not all of us are lucky enough to be with our mom in person. Some are just visited over the phone, and some are just visited in our memories.

If you are fortunate enough to have a mom close by or are close to a mom that deserves some spoiling, there are many ways to do so! Would you like some ideas? Read on!

A Special Gift

Mother's Day is the perfect time to present the mom in your life with a special gift. Don’t misunderstand my meaning. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or even purchased at all, even though some choose to or are able to do so. Some of my most precious gifts are made by hand, found inexpensively, or even free. A handmade card, a drawing, a bunch of wildflowers from an obliging field are all great gifts for Mom. The old adage “It is the thought that counts” really does apply here. Any mom receiving any gift from her beloveds will be happy that they are thinking of her on her special day, no matter what that gift might be.

An Act of Service

Most moms are always giving - of time, attention, strength, or knowledge - Mother’s Day is an opportune time to give back to mom. Performing an act of service for her is one of those ways to show Mom, that you listen to what is important to her. Is there a certain chore or activity that many of you aren’t good at remembering to do, or a particular thing she has been wanting to do but hasn’t yet had the time to do so? It could be a household task or something truly mundane. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for you to show her that you have been truly listening to her.

Quality Time

Let’s face it. Our lives are busy. We are always rushing here, there, and everywhere. On the way to something or coming from one thing or another.  Rarely, do we take time to slow down. As we get involved in our own individual lives, the simple things tend to take the back seat. If we are still for a few minutes, usually there is an electronic device involved and our focus is on the small or big screen. Though it may seem like you are spending time with one another, you are actually spending time with your phone, with each other in the background.

One of the saddest things that happens is that we tend to make spending time together, interacting, and talking, less important - perhaps forgetting altogether. The older generations, tend to be lonely, as less time is made for them. One of my favorite things in the whole world doesn’t cost any money. That is spending time with my loved ones. Sitting - and listening to my kids, and my husband just being in their presence makes me happy.  Do you have a mom or mom figure in your life you haven’t seen in a while?  I can guarantee there would be no greater pleasure for them than to have you clear an afternoon to just spend time together.

Capturing the Moment

With people as busy as they are, days are truly fleeting. I don’t know about you, but sometimes a week is gone before I know it, and the weeks turn into months.  Who would believe that we are literally halfway through the month of May already, and creeping up on 2023 being halfway through?  All that to say, that time goes quickly.  We tend to put off what we can do today.  Capture today’s moments through photographs.  They don’t have to be professional, perfectly lit, or even entirely in focus. They just need to be in the moment. If they are on your phone, move them to a special “Mom’s Day 2023” folder, so you can look at them over the years!

Breakfast or Brunch IN

Probably one of the most common ways to spend the day, or at least the morning is breakfast for mom.  A breakfast that doesn’t include mom doing any of the cooking. If you have littles in your household, it is not uncommon to cook mom an “extra special" breakfast whose main ingredient focuses more on the love put into it, rather than culinary skill.   The presentation of it also usually is a highlight, with some dramatic flair, being presented to mom after sleeping in.  Perhaps it is combined with a handmade card or a handpicked flower or two, but it is definitely accompanied by a whole lot of love.

Breakfast or Brunch OUT

Getting out of the house to eat is also nice, especially if it is without stress or any planning on mom's part. Having breakfast or brunch for Mother’s Day is certainly extremely popular and if this is what your family likes to do, the Suwanee area has some great choices to have your first meal on this special day!  This outing, however, usually does take some planning ahead, and many places “sell out” of special brunch events or require reservations. Other places are more casual and just are first come, first served. For some breakfast/brunch spots around the Suwanee area, here are a few options in case you are still looking for a place to go

Local Restaurants

If there is a particular place you are unsuccessful in reserving this year, why not put it on the calendar now to reserve early for next year?

Two Simple Words

All in all, no matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day with the special mom or mom figure in your life, one of the most meaningful ways to truly tell her how you feel - is by using two simple words...

"Thank you"

That simple statement covers a myriad of moments that a mom accomplishes or undertakes in the lifetime of being a mom.  It can cover moments from the mundane to the monumental.


Thank you for dinner.

Thank you for taking me to soccer practice.

Thank you for doing my laundry. 

Thank you for staying with me when I was sick.  

Thank you for understanding me.

Thank you for listening to me.

Thank you for raising me. 

Mom, most of all thank you for your love.

Happy Mother's Day to All!

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