Easy Easter Snacks and Crafts!

Easy Easter Recipes & Crafts!

Fun Easter Crafts for the Whole Family!

If Easter Sunday has snuck up to you quick like a bunny, you are not alone!  It seems we just stepped into beautiful weather and whammo!  Easter is upon us.  Whether you are hosting your own get-together, or invited to someone else's, it is always good to bring something along. These super simple recipes are sure to delight and taste delicious as your offering. 

Heading to an event where there will be some kiddos?  How about one of these easy crafts which will keep them entertained and give them a souvenir of the day, or a gift for someone else?  They look so fun, you might even want to make one yourself!  

Whatever you choose to do, I hope these few ideas will be a welcome resource for you.  Let me know if you end up making any of them - I would love to see the results! 

Want to host Easter or any other occasion in the near future, but don't have the room where you currently live?  It might be time for a move!  Connect with me, and we can talk about what a future move might look like for you, and what you may be looking for in your new home!  I love helping people meet their real estate goals! 

Wishing you and yours the happiest of Easters! 

Included in today's blog: 

The Snacks

  • Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats
  • Peep Skillet S'Mores
  • Cinnamon Sugar Bunny Twists 
  • Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots
  • Mini Baby Chick Cheese Balls 
  • Pudding Pie East Baskets
  • No Bake Chocolate Bird Nests

The Crafts

  • Egg Carton Flowers
  • Paper Bag Bunny
  • No Sew Sock Bunny
  • Handprint Lilies
  • Peek-A-Boo Clothespin Easter Eggs

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